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We have extended our Foundation Stage class to 3-5 years which includes a 13 place nursery.

Early Years counting dinosaursEarly Years counting dinosaurs

The nursery is part of an exciting Early Years Foundation Stage Unit, which is purpose built for nursery and Reception aged children where provision is of the highest quality. There is a spacious, secure outdoor learning environment where children can use large equipment and wheeled toys as well as benefit from structured play and learning activities. Indoors, the area is attractively laid out to stimulate young minds. The unit has the advantage that nursery and Reception children can work and play alongside one another and access learning opportunities that are appropriate to their needs and interests, led by any of the Foundation Stage staff.


Early Years outsideEarly Years outsideTeaching in our Early Years class is based on the fundamental principal that children learn best through play and concrete experiences. We recognise that learning does not just happen at school and our Early Years curriculum builds on and extends the experiences children have had and do have at home. Our staff work closely with parents and carers to provide a safe and secure environment where children feel confident to explore and investigate through self-chosen and planned play. Children will take part in adult-led activities as well as creating their own play using our wide range of stimulating resources and extensive space. We aim to broaden children’s experience by extending their play and challenging them when they are ready.

 Parents/carers wishing to apply for a place for their child will need to complete both a Nursery Application Form and a Nursery Supplementary Evidence Form and return these to the school by the deadlines set out in the Governor's Policy on Nursery Admissions Sept 2018 - Apr 2019 The Supplementary Evidence Form can be found at the back of this policy.

Please click on the links to see our Nursery Terms and Conditions and a letter giving details of your child's first day at Nursery.

Please contact school if you require further information.

Parents may take up their 15 hours free entitlement from the term after their child's 3rd birthday. A further 15 hours extended entitlement is available for families where parents are working and meet the relevant criteria; for further information please click on this link - 30 hours extended early years entitlement for eligible three and four year olds. Nursery children may also access the school’s wrap around care.